Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last day

Yesterday was my last day. I was given a going away party (Sandwiches, cake, card, chips, and even a gift card from Best Buy) I feel so loved and missed already. OK back to blogging. I shelved books and straightened shelves all night minus the 30 minutes I took off for eating food.

Librarian Tip of the Week:
When shelving books straighten the shelves as you go. If you have time then read the shelf if not just straighten them out. This only takes seconds per shelf.

5 Hours down zero to go my 150 hours are complete.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Week before the last day.

Two hours of my five hour shift I shelved books. The rest of the time I spent pulling holds and calling patrons to come and get the material that they requested. I worked the circulation desk for 10 whole minutes on Saturday. Then I went back to straightening out DVDs and VHS tapes.
Librarian Tip of the Week: To assist in the DVD section, the library should buy cases with the call number on them. That way when librarians pull the DVD out of the boxes, they will go in the right place and not filed alphabetically at the librarian discretion. Every librarians should be on the same page.   
15 hours down only 5 more to go.