Monday, October 25, 2010

Back to LIS 489 Practicum

I have been given passwords to the labs. I am now a dangerous person. I was taught how to checkout a computer in the two computer labs. I am unofficially in charge of pulling the holds list and shelving the non-fiction. I just clock in and check in with Ms. Herrington and she usually tells me to work on the shelving, holds list, or DVDs. I am then on my own the rest of the night. Shelving at the Hattiesburg Public Library in a never ending battle as fast as one cart gets shelved another takes its place. This week I learned where the Mississippi collection is located at and who have the keys to the room if I ever need to shelve in there. I also learned how and where to put DVDs at. I am becoming more comfortable around the men and women who works there and more importantly they are becoming more comfortable with me.
Library tip of the week: When shelving books make sure the books are pulled forward to edge of shelf. This is done for two reasons: 1) It makes the shelves looks neater. 2) It also assists the person dusting shelves. This way, the person who is doing the housekeeping all he/she have to do is dust the area next to the books and not the entire shelf. This will save housekeeping some time.
15 hours down 95 hours to go. Yeah double digits!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Dr. K LIS 458 Class Project 4

I will be graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor’s of Library and Information Science degree (LISBA).
The course I am taking is LIS 458 Internet Resources and Applications for Librarians and Informationalists (Fall 2010) - LIS 458 Sec. H001. I cut and paste this this from Blackboard so I know this is exact. This blog is part of Project 4.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 4

I worked three days and had three different jobs. Yes. Day one - read the LP (Large Print) section on the first floor and pulled the holds list. Looking at letters in the LP section is a lot easier than looking at numbers in the non-fiction section. Day two - I wrapped books and put on barcodes and pulled the holds list. Day three – I shelved DVDs and shelved all of the other books that came in overnight. Here is the link to the library I am lucky enough to work at.

I forgot to add I am the new Batman. When I was getting ready to leave I was told of an injured bat in the courtyard. Everyone was looking for something to get it out of the courtyard. I immediately sprang into action. I went into the courtyard and picked up the injured bat and took it outside the library ground and set it free.

Library advice of the week: After checking in books, put books on the cart in the correct order. This will assist the person shelving the books. Everyone knows that the person shelving the books is also dealing with the public. Any help that the person checking in books can assist him/her with will be greatly beneficial.
Fifteen hours down only 110 to go.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2nd full week

My second full week is officially down. All I did was read the non-fiction. The good news is I will be done sometime today with the non-fiction. Then I can move on to more important jobs. Even though I know that every job is important. Just some is more glamorous than others. Any job where you get to interact with others is more exciting than reading shelves and sitting on the floor. Fifteen hours down only 125 to go. I guess time is running short.

Monday, October 4, 2010

First week

First week of Practicum is finally over. Yes. I believe the 150 hours will be easier than getting a background check. I read shelves the first week. This is a very unglamorous but very necessary job in the world of Libraries. The books have to be in the correct spot or they might as well be lost. I did the biographies and started in the non-fiction. The Hattiesburg library is huge compared to the Sumrall Public Library and PRCC Library in Hattiesburg. I will probably do this for 2 more afternoons then I get promoted to the circulation desk and drop box. 10 hours down with only 140 to go.