Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 4

I worked three days and had three different jobs. Yes. Day one - read the LP (Large Print) section on the first floor and pulled the holds list. Looking at letters in the LP section is a lot easier than looking at numbers in the non-fiction section. Day two - I wrapped books and put on barcodes and pulled the holds list. Day three – I shelved DVDs and shelved all of the other books that came in overnight. Here is the link to the library I am lucky enough to work at.

I forgot to add I am the new Batman. When I was getting ready to leave I was told of an injured bat in the courtyard. Everyone was looking for something to get it out of the courtyard. I immediately sprang into action. I went into the courtyard and picked up the injured bat and took it outside the library ground and set it free.

Library advice of the week: After checking in books, put books on the cart in the correct order. This will assist the person shelving the books. Everyone knows that the person shelving the books is also dealing with the public. Any help that the person checking in books can assist him/her with will be greatly beneficial.
Fifteen hours down only 110 to go.

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