Monday, October 25, 2010

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I have been given passwords to the labs. I am now a dangerous person. I was taught how to checkout a computer in the two computer labs. I am unofficially in charge of pulling the holds list and shelving the non-fiction. I just clock in and check in with Ms. Herrington and she usually tells me to work on the shelving, holds list, or DVDs. I am then on my own the rest of the night. Shelving at the Hattiesburg Public Library in a never ending battle as fast as one cart gets shelved another takes its place. This week I learned where the Mississippi collection is located at and who have the keys to the room if I ever need to shelve in there. I also learned how and where to put DVDs at. I am becoming more comfortable around the men and women who works there and more importantly they are becoming more comfortable with me.
Library tip of the week: When shelving books make sure the books are pulled forward to edge of shelf. This is done for two reasons: 1) It makes the shelves looks neater. 2) It also assists the person dusting shelves. This way, the person who is doing the housekeeping all he/she have to do is dust the area next to the books and not the entire shelf. This will save housekeeping some time.
15 hours down 95 hours to go. Yeah double digits!

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