Monday, November 1, 2010

New week new skills learned

I checked books in and separated the books for each library section. Of course I put the books in the correct order on the carts to assist the person shelving.  The main thing about checking books in is to watch the location. The Hattiesburg Library has books going to the Petal Library, new books, holds, and 2 different mail runs.  After checking in books that were requested for holds, I checked the books into holds, called the patron, and told them their material is available at the Hattiesburg Library. I only told the patron that they had material available and never told them the item title. This is for privacy reasons. I then shelved the books into the holds section. I read the reference section one day. There were over 18 books in the reference section that were not reference. Now there are 18 books in the correct spot in the non-fiction section. After I read the shelves I dusted. Dusting shelves is crucial especially after rearranging shelves.
Librarian tip of the week:  When shelving books do not cram the books in the shelves. If a patron pulls a book out a lot of time many books gets pulled out. Then the patron puts the books back on the shelf in any order. If the shelf is full then rearrange the books to make the rows above and below equal in length. That way if another book comes for that row all he/she have to do is shelve the book. Yes it is nice to have the 599 end on one row and the 600s to start on the next row, but sometimes you have to seperate the sections.
15 hours down 80 hours to go.

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