Monday, November 8, 2010

Nov 8 Blog

I am now pretty much on my own. I clock in and start working on the materials to shelve. If I see Ms. Herrington or Ms. Davis I tell them hi and ask them is there anything extra they need me to do. I assisted the reference desk one day and while I was read/straightened the CD/MP3/magazine section. I looked items up in the catalog and I then showed the patrons where the materials are at on the shelf. In my library since it is so small I just point in right direction since my library only have 10 shelves and two of them are reference shelves.
Librarian Tip of the Week: After pulling items on the holds list always go into the computer and flag the item. That way the hold will not show up on the hold report again. I look/see items on the hold list that I know I pulled already.
15 hours down 65 hours to go.

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