Monday, November 29, 2010

Only 2 weeks left!

I had to change the days of the week I worked due Thanksgiving. I assisted in a children’s reading program. I read one book “Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you see” and I did it in sign language. I even participated in the singing of three songs. The rest of my time was spent shelving and pulling books on the item holds list. After pulling the items on the holds list, I then called the patrons and told them their items they requested was in and they could come and get it.
Librarian Tip of the Week: When checking in books always look at the screen. Sometimes the screen may say Petal, Mail Service, or Item Hold. If the person checking in these materials don’t catch this then the material may be shelved and then someone else has to go get the book again to place the material in the correct spot. This makes double work.  
15 hours down only 20 more to go.

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