Friday, November 19, 2010

Week of Nov 19

I shelved books for almost three straight days.  I also pulled the holds list for three days. The holds list is when a patron requests an item and it comes in, or they see an item they want online and the computer says it is on the shelf, they have an option to place a hold on it. I pulled all of these items from all sections of the library (Fiction, non-fiction, juvenile, large print, new, young adult, and DVDs). I then went into the system and placed a computer hold on this item. That way if another patron is searching for this item it will not show up as available. I even called the patron up and told them they had materials available at the Hattiesburg, Public Library. Due to privacy issues I never tell the patrons what the item is. 
Librarian Tip of the Week: Whenever a librarian is walking amongst the shelves and finds a book lying out, pick it up and shelve it in the correct spot. Or at least place it on the shelving cart to be shelved at a later time.
15 hours down only 35 more to go.

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